Canada's Double Portion
March 28, 2017

There is no one like family....and that is especially true regarding the family of God!!

We left March 14 for another Preacher in the Patch event in Gillette, WY! I pulled out of Moose Jaw after a few hours sleep the next morning and I posted a photo on Facebook of a Tim Horton's coffee in my hand and the sun rising on the horizon. The caption below it read "Beautiful start to the day! Concert in Broadus, MT tonight and then on to Gillette!" The day went downhill from there....

As we neared the border a couple kids came to the front of the bus saying they "heard a funny sound". I got down on my hands and knees while Jardeth drove and the sound I heard wasn't funny at all. A brief stop and inspection on the side of the road didn't answer any questions. We crossed the border to Plentywood, MT and a gentleman at Quality Truck Repair pulled our left drive axle which was running hot. The outside bearing looked okay so we filled it with oil and carried on. 46 miles later I pulled over in downtown Culbertson, right across from the Fire Hall, to see how it was doing. I was greeted by smoke and the Culbertson fire department as the inside bearing had caught fire. With the flames extinquished and a repair shop located, we now along with 'family' were working the phones feverishly trying to locate vehicles. Time was flying by and we finally determined we would not be able to get to our concert in Broadus in time. I called Pastor Tom and for one of the few times in our 35 year history had to let him know we wouldn't make it to our concert! This was extremely disappointing for us. 'Family' continued to work on acquiring vehicles and by 7:00pm, we had a beautiful Expedition to pull the trailer and a Highlander for additional passengers. We pulled out of Culbertson as the sun went down, thankful we were at least on our way

A few miles out of town our kids were commenting they could hear a trailer chain dragging and suggested I stop and connect it. Finally about 10 miles out I pulled over in the dark and as I walked around the back of the vehicle noticed the front axle drums of the trailer glowing orange, the metal crackling in the dark damp air!! I guess the wiring in Canada and the U.S. is abit different! We could not believe it. We unhooked the trailer, left our second vehicle with lights flashing and headed for cell service to call 'family'. A second trailer was quickly located and we rushed to pick it up. Our 'brother' borrowed a deck truck to come and get our disabled trailer which we hurriedly unloaded. A kind sheriff stuck around with lights flashing to make sure everyone was safe. About 11:15pm we were once again on our way to Gillette.

We were tired but determined and in need of fuel so we stopped at the next town, Sidney, MT. As we pulled into the Flying J, we discovered we had a flat tire on the trailer! Aaaah!! Fortunately we had a spare one with us but our nice jack was left in our old trailer. We were trying our best to make the Expedition jack work when the sheriff showed up again and rescued us by locating a nice scissor jack. Repaired and refueled we once again embarked on our trip with about 6 hours to go! We have never been so happy to see the lights of GILLETTE, WYOMING as we pulled into our hotel at 6:15am!!

We were down at the Camplex setting up for the Preacher in the Patch event by 10:00am exhausted but extremely thankful for the Lord's faithfulness! The next morning, fatigued from the events of the previous 2 days and the stress of the journey, my back gave out and I ended up in bed between evening services for the next few days. Inspite of our exploits, the Lord blessed the 4 day crusade and many people responded to the altar calls and many lives were touched by His Spirit!! We celebrated Christina and Jardeth's birthdays over the weekend with our crusade 'family'. God is good!

Refreshed on Monday morning from a weekend of fruitful ministry, we headed back to pick up our bus in Culbertson and our trailer in Plentywood. Both were repaired and our incredible 'family', who had already gone 'above and beyond', invited us to stop for supper before crossing the border!! They also sacrificially paid for the trailer repair! We arrived back in Canada incredibly encouraged and challenged as we witnessed the fulfillment of Galations 6:10 "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith." !!

Truly we are laborers together,

Duncan A Hemmerling

February 11, 2016

I few Sundays ago the Pastor preached on "praying in faith"....what does that mean? It really spoke to me because we were trusting the Lord to meet a financial need and praying that the necessary funds would come in. A gentlemen had promised us funds but he was waiting for the money to come to him. He emailed the next day and said he still couldn't send the needed resources but was praying it would arrive soon. I felt the Lord say to tell him "it would come this week and be larger then expected". I encouraged him in an email back that we were praying for this. We left on the weekend to sing and Saturday morning I received a call from him on my cell. He said that the day before the person giving him these funds gave the check to be put in the mail. The person mailing the letter saw his name on the address and hand delivered it to him so that "it came in that week" and was for a large amount. This gift met an incredible need we had.

We are leaving on a month tour of the U.S. today. 10 days ago I took our bus in to have some brake work done and parts were ordered. As of yesterday afternoon they still hadn't showed at the repair place. I got on the phone and finally tracked them down and discovered the parts had come in that day but hadn't been delivered. Our mechanic was supposed to pick the brake parts up at 8:00 this morning and have the bus ready by noon. I am "praying in faith" that this is so. In devotions today I was struck by the verse "exercise yourself toward godliness" (1 Tim. 4:7). It's during these times of testing and uncertainty that our faith is grown and strengthened which enables us to pray with confidence and faith.

I better go...I have a bus to pick up and bring home to hurriedly pack and get on the make our first concert. We are excited for the journey ahead.

Duncan A Hemmerling

April 27, 2015

I ended my last journal entry sitting in the foyer of a repair shop praying the Lord would help the mechanics get our dual wheels apart! He didn't.....THANK YOU LORD! They had to take the dual wheels and hub apart as a unit and when they did they discovered our bearings were almost gone!! They'd have likely gone out somewhere between Tonapah and Winnemucca, NV in the middle of the desert.....So the Lord was looking after us by NOT answering my prayer.....So He does know what is best for me.....So I need to make the choice to TRUST Him in the situations I face!! He did His part AND I had to do mine by driving 30 hours straight to our first concert in Mesquite, NV!

The last 3 months have been extremely busy with our month long tour of Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Mexico and Oregon. We then spent 3 separate weeks in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming sharing at the Preacher in the Patch events. We also spent ministry time in Saskatchewan and Alberta and I was on the road with Cities Under Fire for several weekends in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I am not complaining because it's "what we do" and frankly our source of income! We are thankful for every opportunity we have to share the Gospel. Now we have a few weekends off.....

During our hectic schedule we have been trying to help our brother in law John finish building our new house! We are in the insulating & drywalling stage and there is much to be done. It is also an incredibly expensive venture! I am reminded however of the lesson I just learned....the Lord is looking after us.....He does know what is best.....and I need to make the choice to Trust Him today!!

He is our source of every good thing!

Thank you for prayers and your support. We are laborers in the harvest!

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling

February 3, 2015

This past weekend was the tradition of the Mogul Mania event in North Battleford just before we leave on our southern U.S. tour. There were a couple hundred people gathering to ski or snowboard and also meet with God! The speaker was excellent and his messages were challenging. Cities Under Fire lead worship so I was at the 3 main sessions running sound and enjoying the presence of the Lord. The theme was Brave with those 5 large letters lighting up the stage. CUF lead a new worship song called "You Make Me Brave". It says "you call me from the shore into the waves". It seems as I get older that I get more fearful of the waves! Maybe apprehensive is a better word! I just know what can go wrong and does go wrong. There is a lot of miles between home and Phoenix. God certainly has been faithful and is faithful but sometimes I'm not so brave!

Today I was doing the final servicing of the bus to prepare for the month long tour....trying to eliminate anything that might go wrong on the bus and trailer. I changed oil and filters on the engine, new fuel filters, new transmission filters, rear end oil checked and started greasing the few nipples on the rear end when I noticed that a brake pad had come loose from the brake shoe!! Now what.! So here I sit in Central Repair in Saskatoon! They fit me right in but now they can't get the two dual wheels separated so they have to take the whole mechanism off and hope they can find a wheel seal etc. 1 hour to closing and I continue to pray that the Lord will work it all out! We need to leave in the morning to avoid an all night drive and give us some breathing room! I am reminded of the song YOU MAKE ME BRAVE. I don't want to live a mediocre life but that pushes me out into the waves!! It can get rough there but the Lord has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind!! 2 Timothy 1:7

So I am Brave not because I will not face obstacles and challenges but because of Jesus!! He is my Source, my Supply, my Protector, My Provider and my Savior!!

Duncan A Hemmerling

April 19, 2014

Easter weekend....Friday's past....but Sunday's coming!! 

After 10 weeks of being gone on tour mostly with Canada's Double Portion and 3 weekends with Cities Under Fire, we have 5 weeks at home to start work on our new house.  Our month long tour in the U.S. went well including having a 9 ft fiberglass panel blow off our bus in Wyoming on the second day out!  A mention from stage at the Southwest GospelFest in Phoenix by Royce from Liberty Quartet and God's people sprang into action.  We could have never anticipated such generosity as was displayed that morning.  We were able to purchase a used panel from Vancouver and have almost enough money to purchase our half of the new Danley sound system we'd ordered.  Wow, Lord you are amazing!  During the 3 Preacher in the Patch events we were at in Buffalo & Gillette, WY and Williston, ND we once again encountered God's amazing hand!  From the mechanic who got saved through a series of incredible circumstances, to the couple that got remarried spontaneouly after our evening event, to the documentary film crew that happened to see the poster in Williston and record the evening, we got to witness the power and Spirit of God at work!  He is Risen Indeed!

After almost 28 years of marriage we approach this endeavor of building our "first house" with excitement and at times apprehension!  It is such a large undertaking and we are reminded daily "everything costs so much nowadays".  We feel however that this is God's timing for this and we are praying daily for 4 things......expertise, manpower, materials & finances!  We believe that His mighty power is working on our behalf and according to Ephesians 1: 17- 20 granting "the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of our understanding being enlightened; that we may know the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us". 

Tomorrow we celebrate the Risen Lord....He is not dead but He is Risen!  Death is defeated...salvation has come to mankind through His shed blood!  He has Risen indeed....and we are privileged to experience His power in our lives everyday!  We believe this same power will help us raise a house out of the ground.....right in our front yard!  Thank you for your continued prayers!

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling 

January 3,  2014

It was quite an end to 2013!!  For 5 weeks my mom lay in a hospital bed growing weaker from a variety of ailments starting with C diff and adding pneumonia with a few added complications along the way.  Ultimately we did all we could with the best of medical care including 4 doctors in our family but she got to tired and weak to come back.  At times it seemed she was winning her fight and other days we thought we would lose her!  She was so bright at times especially when her little grandkids would come in and she wanted to live for our sakes.  Almost all the family was able to visit her on more then one occasion and she had many visiters on Christmas day!  One of the last vistors that day was Debbie and several of our kids.  Mom smiled really big and held Althea's hand.  She went to sleep shortly after that and never woke up!!  She passed into the Lord's presence at 1:07AM on December 28 with my sister by her side!

I can't imagine the joy that Mom had upon reaching Heaven.  She would get so excited when we spoke of that glorious place and it seemed she was going to lift off the ground!  Even when she was in good health, she spoke of Heaven and made it clear she was ready and willing to go.  She is truly "in a better place".

Mom was an amazing woman of prayer!  My most cherished memories of her were walking into Mom & Dad's house and finding her with her Bible open on her lap and tears moistening her cheeks as she talked to the Lord!  I know alot of times she was praying for me and our family!  She made an incredible difference in my life! 

We held her Celebration of Life service on December 31st with alot of music which included my 3 sisters who were orginal Double Portion members.  I officiated the service which I didn't know if I could do but knew I had to!  I preached a strong salvation message which was easy given Mom's testimony.  We all got through it with the Lord's help!  We did it just like Mom wanted!

Since Mom has joined the "great cloud of witnesses" described in Heb 12:1, I determine like never before to "lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily entangles and to run with endurance the race that is set before me looking unto Jesus".......Just like Mom would want me to!!

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling   

November 12, 2013

We have just returned from another "Preacher in the Patch" event.  It was in Miles City, MT this time following 2 events in Newcastle, WY and Beach, ND toward the end of October.  We have been so blessed to be a part of these outreach events in the northern U.S. over the last few years.  We have ministered with some awesome people like Link Union, David Meece, Riley Dakota, The Daae Family, The Josties and several others!!  Our family is always challenged during these times and stirred on for the souls of mankind.  Ron Evitt, Preacher in the Patch, has involved our kids in his nightly messages through short skits to illustrate a Bible story and our devotion times following the meals have become more and more powerful.  In Miles City, the Lord truly showed Himself to our team during these times of sharing and there were incredible periods of prayer and ministry.  It is exciting to see the Lord at work in the lives of all of our family. We were very encouraged by several people notes, emails and phone messages regarding the way the Lord is using our family.  God is Good! 

We were even nominated for 5 Covenant Awards with GMA Canada this month including Group of the Year, Country Bluegrass Song with Just in Time, Country Southern Gospel with Gentle Hand, Children's Song with Good Soil and Country Bluegrass Album with Days & Times.  JUST IN TIME ended up winning for Country Bluegrass Song.

So God is at work even though I haven't written here for 9 months.  We have been busy though sharing in churches, camps, jamborees, RV parks across Canada and the U.S..  Prayer is aways appreciated!

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling

Feb 28, 2013

We are back at Rocky Mountain Cummins, Avondale, AZ!!  Since we replaced our invertor on our genset a year ago they haven't been able to get it to work right.  Up north they haven't seen this type of genset, so we hoped after a year of "making do" they would be able to figure our problem out here in the heart of RV country.....we''ll not yet!!  We are thankful for the customer lounge that is nicer than our living room and the computer/work area behind the glass wall next to it.  The lunches they have brought in to feed us has been unexpected.  Today we get Chik Fil!  We are praying for wisdom for the mechanic and that we will finally have this problem fixed.  We are trusting the Lord to somehow, someway fix this problem.  As we have written in a new song called "Gentle Hand"....."I will put my trust in You, I've made my choice". 

Christina just walked in and told us of a close friend who is encountering serious health issues and they are waiting on tests for possible bone cancer.  We prayed immediately!  So what do we do at times like this?   We must put our trust in the Lord!  He is our Healer, He is our Source, He is our Strength, He is our Salvation, He is our Wisdom.........He is our Peace!  We can get discouraged at times with the ups and downs of our daily circumstances.  Our faith is challenged and questions arise!  The Lord is not afraid of our questions or our doubts.  He encouraged us to "come unto me all you that are weak and burdened down and I will give you rest".  To "cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us".  Who else do we trust in?  What else do we put our faith in?  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!  "I will put my trust in You, I've made my choice."

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  We've had a great tour and the Lord has blessed immensely!  It's easy to miss the big picture and focus instead on our immediate problem!

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling 

December 27, 2012

Well, we attended our last Christmas family gathering last night for this season.  Now we turn our attention to our upcoming trip to Nashville to record a new CD.........finally! 

As 2012 progressed we felt more and more that it was time to head to "Music City USA" once again after 11 years!  By the time we went to the Compassion Artist Retreat on Quadra Island, B.C. in September we were seeking the Lord for clear direction.  Besides the amazing whale watching expedition and meeting artists from across Canada, a highlight was the co-writing sessions.  This was something we had never experienced and we had wonderful writing times with Dan Bremnes and Corey Doak.  We also got to do some writing together with family members and we left Quadra with several songs to throw in the final mix. 

Our tour took us into the U.S. and we found ourselves a week later at the Northwest Gospelfest hosted by Liberty Quartet in Nampa, ID.  Singing with us that evening was Gordon Mote who had just finished a 6 year run as piano player for the Gaither Vocal Band as well as session player with the biggest names in Nashville.  He was born blind but that certainly has not stopped him from excelling at his craft.  As I sat in the crowd listening to his first set I thought "I wonder if he would ever consider producing us" since his style was quite similar to ours.  Gordon was standing backstage as we finished our second set of music.  As we walked by he said "I liked your sound.  You guys need to come to Nashville and let me produce something for you".  I walked over and greeted him and said that's exactly where we were heading and we would love to talk to him about that.  In a few days we connected by phone and began the planning process and to send him song demos.  It was like the Lord turned on the song writing inspiration and Debbie, Jardeth, Christina and myself began to see songs in everything.  We also had some songs pitched to us for consideration. 

Now we are in the final stages of preparation and will be hitting the road in 2 1/2 days.  We believe "He who has begun a good work in us will be faithful to complete it"!  Thank you for your prayers and continuing support.

Hopefully you will agree when you stick the new CD in your disc player.

Duncan A Hemmerling

November 23, 2012 - Tale of the Tag Axle

I spent August 28 - November 5 on the road with either Cities Under Fire (our 3 oldest son's Christian Rock band where I run sound/drive bus) or with Canada's Double Portion.  I was only home 3 times inbetween with a day or so to "catch up".  What an eventful time!

On August 28th we were 1 1/2 hrs south of Calgary following the foothills of the Rockies heading for Redmond, Oregon when I noticed a problem at the back of the bus.  It turned out a tag axle bearing had completely seized and we were thrown into "Plan B" mode.  As dusk approached we were on 3 cell phones feverishly summoning help from all directions.  We started our van coming overnight from home so we could continue our trip.  We tracked down Doug Rawlings (Rawling Brothers) who lived "reasonably close" to pick up our trailer, Cities Under Fire's producer Daryl Swartz who drove out to pick up the boys from Calgary and a tow truck to take the bus to Calgary.  After a couple hours of maneuvering we determined we could not get our bus the rest of the way onto the flatdeck....on to Plan B!  A tire truck arrived about 2:30am and for the next couple hours we worked trying to remove the tag wheel, raise the tag axle, remove the rubber tire and finally.....Plan just let the air out and burning rubber all the way back to Calgary!  With the tire truck following with flashers going I slowly drove the couple hour trip back to Calgary seeing the "asphalt/wire/rubber" sparks in my side mirror.  Sunrise and rush hour traffic greeted us as we proceeded along 22X highway entering Calgary.  A few minutes from the repair shop, I suddenly saw blue, red & white lights in my mirror as I was pulled over by 2 very excited officers with squad cars.  After an animated explanation from myself and the tire truck driver we were allowed to travel the final few minutes to the safety of Wajax Power Systems arriving at 6:50am!  What a looooooong night!!

The repair shop was willing to work on the bus after I authorized $5000 on my Mastercard and another $7000 later that day just for the parts to be ordered.  I asked them to also replace the kingpins on the front end of the bus while they were working.  We left with our van and trailer and drove overnight to Redmond, OR (we missed the first concert) to continue the Cities Under Fire tour.  I flew home from Kelowna, BC after 2 weeks and drove the rest of our family out to Abbotsford where Cities Under Fire's tour ended and Canada's Double Portion started our tour.  We had seating for 11 in our van and we had 11.....a close family just got closer!! 

We did a 3 week tour including concerts on Vancouver Island, a Compassion Retreat on Quadra Island and ministry in Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  I had just unloaded at the Epic Center in Glendive, MT to prepare for a 4 day "Preacher in the Patch" Crusade when I received a phone call on my cell phone.  The repair shop was calling to let me know our bus repair was finished and paid for and we could pick it up.  I asked her what the total bill was and she said $21.288.48 and I asked her again "could you repeat that last part".  I could only understand part of a name, "Terry.....", and I knew only a couple people knew where that bus was being worked on.  There was a Terry who had looked after the boys for a few days while I flew home to get the family and his family had been an amazing encouragment.  I walked into the auditorium and told some of the family what the lady had said.  It seemed unbelievable so the next morning I called Wajax Power Systems from the hotel and asked her to please tell me once again the situation on my repair.  She said the gentleman had called and said he wanted to pay the rest of the bill.  All I could say was "Wow, that's incredible".....!  

I called Terry and left a message on the morning of Canadian Thanksgiving thanking him for this incredible gift to our family and the work of the Lord.  A few days later I was able to actually speak to him by phone and he said "the Lord has blessed his business and family and they have more than they need.  He wanted to use what the Lord has given him to bless others and for the Kingdom of God".  Now, that is biblical prosperity!

Another amazing example of the family of God and the fact that we are just laborers together in the Harvest!

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling

 August 13, 2012

We just finished our yearly family Camp............Wilderness Camp on the shores of beautiful Tobin Lake, SK.  We get to spend at least 7 days there leading the services and enjoying powerful preaching of the Word.  Both our morning and evening speaker were just excellent and now we get to put those anointed words into right now......for instance.

Our Fall was booked up solid until early November with great events..........until this morning.  One email......15 days of ministry gone......beyond our was for the hard feelings.....I have a peace.......but now what??   I was reminded of a sermon from Camp on Faith.....I grabbed my Ipad where I had written notes....several lines jump off the screen at me.  "Faith applies to every area of life"....."We need to grow in the object of our faith....God"..."When our faith is tested it is often followed by the silence of God and the scream of the enemy"....."You don't gain faith by striving after it but by resting in the faithful one".  So I will !!

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling

March 23, 2012

I am amazed as I sit here in Gillette, WY where it's 72 degree and sunny that 13 hours to the north, back home, it is snowing and cool right now!  What a difference!  

We are in Gillette, WY with Preacher in the Patch, Ron Evitt, who works in the oil patch and shares the Gospel on the radio.  He is heard all over North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming and he goes into these areas and holds 4 day events and preaches the Gospel.  He came to this area a year ago for the first time and we had good crowds and saw many touched by the Lord.  One man came to the altar and rededicated his life to the Lord.  He was divorced from his wife and was drinking heavily.  After his conversion he called his wife and she came to the Crusade and God touched her.  They were remarried and in fact were part of a marriage talk we had at the Preacher in the Patch event in Bowman, ND at the start of this month.  What a difference Jesus can make!

There was such a response from people asking that this event return this year that we did.  Last night there was a tremendous crowd and many responded to the altar call.  We believe there will be many more testimonies of the difference Jesus can make when we surrender to Him! 

His way is always the best you need to change direction today!! 

Because of His Call,

Duncan A Hemmerling    

January 19, 2012

5 months ago I did my last journal excuses, best of intentions, I will try to do better.

Christina and I just got back from an incredible trip to the Dominican Republic with fellow Compassion artists from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.  What an amazing time we had seeing firsthand the lifechanging ministry of Compassion.  We visited Churches & Projects each day that included home visits into the heart of poverty.  We visited Compassion's head office in Santo Domingo and asked all kinds of hard questions.  It was encouraging to see all the checks and balances and accountability.  If you visit my facebook page you can see all the pictures and story line!  The following describes what happened on our trip home from the Dominican. 

           &n bsp;            &nbs p;                       Helpless!!

Helpless.....have you ever felt completely helpless........that overwhelming sense that there is nothing you can do to change the circumstances!

Before boarding my connector flight from Chicago to Calgary I discovered that my passport and plane tickets were gone.....lost......stolen.  Without a passport American Airlines refused to let me board the plane.  2 sprints across the terminal were a vain search that turned up nothing.  My previous plane was already in the air heading somewhere else!  The Canadian consulate....closed... the long weekend loomed!!  Appeals fell on deaf ears!  Policy and procedure overruled compassion and grace!

My daughter wept as I hugged her good bye and sent her ahead.  I told her "I'll be okay", "It will work out", yet even as I turned and headed away, backpack on my shoulder, I had no idea what to do.  Where do I go?  Who do I talk to?  I searched the terminal signs for a clue.

The agents suggested I get to Canada by land, cross the border with my photo ID and fly home from there.  I prayed constantly asking God to please give me wisdom....please send someone to help!  As I sat on the floor combing the Chicago phone book for phone numbers to Greyhound and Train schedules, a young man asked if he could help me.  He advised the fastest way would be the AmTrack train and that the closest beacon of hope would be Toronto.  I arrived at Union Station with only an hour to spare.

The train has raced through the night and now dawn is just arriving.  I've slumped in my seat for the last 10 hours trying to rest and trust, yet images have flashed through my mind.  Images of people who are helpless!!  The rocking of the train can not jar those faces from my canvas!  On the Compassion Artist trip to the Dominican Republic I have seen firsthand people who are in this situation.  Millions who are in unbearable physical and spiritual poverty!  They are searching for someone to help!!  I am trusting the Lord will use our family to bring hope in these lives....hope through people who help!  I am also trusting the Lord to get me across the Canadian Border and home in time to share their story at our 2 concerts tomorrow.  I am beginning to feel hopeful.......  

August 19, 2011

We were at a festival recently that we were quite excited about being a part of.  They had asked us to come for the last few years but we were unable to until this year.  It was a larger event with as many as 5000 people in attendance.  We pulled our bus into the VIP parking area and they brought Gators to carry our stage equipment, our product and ourselves to the mainstage area.  We had our own trailer with a stocked fridge including water, pop, juice and vegetable tray.  The soundcheck went fine but when we started our first set something just didn't sound right.  During the first song Jardeth mouthed "did you tune your bass".  I assured him I had!  By the second song I saw him tuning his Telecaster and by the third song we were all looking at Christina.  She checked her fiddle tuning and we continued on.  We could all tell there was still something not quite right.  The sound company had supplied all the backline gear and the stage manager had met us at the bus, fist pumped me and told us to not bother bringing our piano.  They had a good Roland keyboard on stage he assured me.  By about the 5th song Debbie informed me that she was sure the piano was out of tune.  How can an electric piano be out of tune??  She had turned her piano down so far she was no longer in the mix and we played throu

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